Before High Class Strip Club Brisbane, There Were Gentlemen’s Clubs of Old

High class strip club Brisbane has may be a category of their own since they cater to the high-end market and club patrons looking for something fancy and high-quality.

But they are not spared from stereotypes since they share the same purpose as low-end strip clubs–provide a place for men to openly express their sexual fantasies.

This means people who have yet to visit a gentlemen’s club would still think of it as a place that promotes sex and drugs, owned by a sleazy club owner, and employs broken women who don’t mind stripping for a living. Harsh, yes. But also true.

How strip clubs are portrayed by the media further reinforces these stereotypes.

But if you take a walk down memory lane and step into the 19th-century gentlemen’s clubs in England, you would appreciate how the times have changed and understand why some people think of strip clubs today as a place of debauchery and depravity.

Gentlemen’s Clubs of Old

The clubs that were created in England during the end of the 19th century play a role for someone to gain the status of a gentleman. People in the upper strata of society must be a member of the club in order to be considered a gentleman.

The venue is richly furnished and designed to encourage the gentleman to relax, dine, chat with friends, play bridge or cards, and smoke pipe tobacco.

Men are dressed in their finery. They must follow a host of strict rules and are sworn to keep secret what goes on in the club.

Only members and their invited guests are allowed entry. And for anyone to acquire membership, they must have the approval of the majority of club members or the candidacy will be rejected. This means they will not be able to join the club forever.

Most importantly, there are no women allowed in the club even those that provide gentlemen a naked form of entertainment.

Gentlemen’s Clubs of Today

As time passed, the rules and traditions of a gentleman’s club have significantly changed.

Today’s clubs not only broke all the rules but also lifted the restrictions that kept men from enjoying and exploring sexual and sensual situations. Sure, there are still rules that club patrons must observe but nothing as rigid as those that clubs in the past imposed.

Women have now become the central feature instead of being banned from the club.

Men who have VIP membership in an adult lounge rarely brag about it.

Some things stay the same, however. Men who visit a strip joint stay mum about what they do in the club unless in similar company.

Thoughts to Ponder

If the 19th-century gentlemen’s club still exists today would you prefer its rigidity against the freedom and hedonism that high class strip club Brisbane has to offer? But why choose when you can enjoy both?