What to Do When Getting the Best Lap Dances from Brisbane Strippers

Getting the best lap dances Brisbane dancers have to offer is no hardship, what with plenty of high-end strip clubs in and around the city.

The best experience, however, depends on what you do during a lap dance. Because even when a stripper is doing her best performance of the night, you could end up ruining the moment.

So what should you do to get the best lap dance experience?

Sit the right way

And the right way will depend on the stripper herself.

So let her guide you on how to sit properly for a lap dance. She will tell you how far you should lean back, whether to slide lower, how far you should open your legs, and the like. She knows better than anyone else which position you should be in so she can comfortably deliver her best performance.

Follow her lead.

She knows what is sexiest, what you want, and how you can best enjoy yourself. Remember, she’s given more lap dances than you can count. In this particular situation, stripper knows best.

Keep your hands to yourself

Some strip clubs require customers to sit on their hands during a lap dance. Not exactly comfortable if you think about it. Generally, you can place your hands anywhere you’re most comfortable with, except on the dancer.

What if touching is allowed?

Grab the opportunity, but avoid jumping on her or pawing her. It is best to go slow rather than grope her like a horny teenager. Most importantly, ask for consent if your hands wish to go somewhere more private.

But you know what’s more exciting about no touching during a lap dance?

The art of restraint that leads to frustration.

Half the fun of the best lap dances Brisbane strippers offer is having something delectable waved in your face but is off limits. Let that frustration fuel you to more exciting adventures.

Dress for the closest contact possible

You may not be allowed to touch the dancers but they can touch you in more ways than one. With just your clothes in the way of skin-to-skin contact, you should dress to ensure you get to feel as much as possible without taking your clothes off.

  • Wear pants with soft or thin fabric instead of denim jeans.
  • Empty your front pockets for the most contact. Don’t let your phone or car keys get in the way.

Removing anything sharp or painful to grind on also shows how considerate you are. And because you are considerate, you are assured one of the best lap dances Brisbane strippers offer.

Choose the right dancer

Your lap dance experience is more memorable and fun if you like a stripper’s looks, attitude, and personality. So take time to look around before you buy a lap dance.

Watch strippers perform on stage or when they give a lap dance to another customer. This is the best way to find a dancer that caters to your lap dancing preference.

Do you want her to put her legs around your shoulders with her crotch in your face? Do you want her to straddle you and shake her well-endowed chest in front of you?

Now that you know how to get the best out of a lap dance, hit the clubs without delay.

Sexy Guide to the Unsexy Rules on Adult Entertainment Brisbane Clubs

If you’re looking for adult entertainment Brisbane has to offer, your options are likely to include plenty of strip clubs and adult lounges. What you may not know is that, where adult entertainment permits are concerned, an establishment is considered for adults only if they meet certain criteria.

But what is really interesting is that you can have topless barmaids working for you and not need a permit. Not what you’d normally expect since it’s common knowledge that any business that shows plenty of skin and some body parts are considered adults only.

As you can see, talking about permits for the adult entertainment business, no matter how technical, is quite riveting.

What is adult entertainment?

It refers to the kind of entertainment where certain parts of a performer’s or staff member’s genitals, such as the anus, penis or scrotum, vulva, and vagina, are visible.

As defined by the Liquor (Approval of Adult Entertainment Code) Regulation 2002, permits are required whether the said parts are visible by accident or deliberate.

So the rules apply to businesses that offer strip teases and exotic nude dancing, and those that operate with nude waitstaff.

A permit, however, is not generally required for adult entertainment Brisbane businesses that employ topless barmaids and for those promoters and ticket sellers in G-string. Provided, of course, that the clothing that covers other parts of the body is not transparent.  

And the real reason that sex is a fantasy in a strip club…

Is because the rules strictly prohibit sex and anything else related to it, including as simple as placing the genitalia close to someone’s face. Yes, even that kind of teasing is not allowed.

And you can’t proposition strippers because…

Prostitution and soliciting for it is not allowed. Even if a client makes the proposal and money did exchange for sex, the club would still be liable. Thus, the strict rules against it.

And the penalties?

Fine of up to 200 penalty units or $25,230.00 or permit suspension or cancellation.

So, as un-sexy as this discussion is, understanding the rules that govern adult entertainment Brisbane businesses will open your mind to why a fantasy is all you can enjoy in a strip club. It’s also one way to become a consummate club patron.

Someone who…

  • Respect the strippers, dancers, and waitstaff like they would their friends and colleagues
  • Tips generously at the bar, on stage, and during private dances
  • Dresses and acts like a true gentleman
  • Indulges in what a club has to offer, from the drinks to the women
  • Enjoys a good night out without necessarily getting hammered
  • Know the rules and respects them

You’ve seen and read it before, employees of a strip rarely expect an environment or a workday that can be as uneventful as working in an office. But if you will be different, you’re going to make someone’s night brighter.